Belgrade City Library

About Belgrade City Library

Belgrade City Library (founded in 1931) is the largest lending library in Serbia. It is a parent library for a network of 13 municipal libraries and their branches, including children’s departments. Its holdings consist of almost 2.000.000 items, kept in 70 facilities with a total area of 13.000 square metres. The Central library is placed in one of the finest buildings in Belgrade, at the beginning of the pedestrian zone of Kneza Mihaila street. It was built in 1867, at the very entry to Kalemegdan park, as “Serbian Crown” hotel. Since October 1986, the Belgrade City Library is located at this place.

During the renovation of the building, the remains of an older building were discovered while lowering the level of the basement floor. Archaeologists established that these had been the foundations of a rampart and a tower above the main gate of the ancient Roman military camp located in the Upper Town of the Belgrade fortress, and dating from II-III century B.C. Therefore, instead of a book storeroom, the Library obtained its Roman Hall, which is intended for public events, mostly book promotions. It is a particularly interesting room that brings together antique heritage and contemporary cultural life of Belgrade. Besides this hall, Library has few more spaces aimed for cultural events, as well as its art gallery called Atrium Gallery, well known to art admirers of Belgrade.

Nowadays Belgrade City Library is a modern library that firstly follows its users needs. It is a “Cultural Heart of Belgrade”, it lively participates in cultural and social life of the city, educates its citizens and pays attention to all its categories. Belgrade City Library follows world’s trends in librarianship, integrates new technologies and new ways of working processes and cooperates with many partners from Serbia and from abroad, not only from the world of librarianship, but much wider.